A Special Bundle of SaaS Video Surveys!

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Giving back to the Moving Community

We take care of the baby steps. The adventure is yours to have.

30 Video Surveys, in a Bundle

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Full Privacy-Compliant

Our servers are end-to-end encrypted. All PII (personally identifiable information) is kept separately. Fully GDPR compliant in both US and Europe.

What do you get?

- Chronologically recorded and stored surveys and communications - State of the art Data protection & Security protocols - Efficiency - churn through leads and push them down the sales funnel faster - Customers love it!

Your Special Bundle Is On Its Way

Your account is instantly charged with $300 prepayment per bundle and ready for use. We will notify you once your credits are used up and you will be able to buy another package of 30 SaaS surveys for the same price of $300.

  • Word on the street.

    We loved working with Anja. She was so helpful. She got everything done on time and made a painless moving experience. I will continue to use Shyft everytime I move and they were so kind to us!

    - Christina D.
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