Corporate relocation reimagined

A customized moving experience for your transferee’s based on their needs, styles and taste. A stress free process to relocate employees, so they can focus on their new job rather than worry about their move.

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Every relocation is different

No one relocation is the same. With our Lump Sum Solution, we customize every move for transferee’s based on their needs, budget and preferences. Whether they are single or married, kids or no kids, renting or purchasing a home - we gather the pertinent data and provide an unique relocation solution to make their move simple, stress free and delightful. Schedule a demo today to experience how our Lump Sum Solution works.

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Service Option v Recommended Option Choose moving company v Open weekends Full service move Price$7,200$4,400 Open weekends Full service move

Best price guaranteed

We have a trusted network of movers that your transferee can easily choose from with guaranteed best prices. Whether they are interested in full service or a container move, our experienced relocation specialist will carefully qualify the move and provide the optimal recommended option that meets the needs and budget of your transferee.

Moving is a means to an end

Yes the move is important - but there are other essential aspects beyond the move that can make the relocation process vastly better and allow your transferee to focus more on being the best they can be at their new job. Our approach is different - we take into account the transferee’s lifestyle preferences and provide quality recommendations to make their integration into their new community seamless and delightful. Schedule a demo today to learn more.

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"Shyft made my long distance move seamless and stress-free. They worked within my lump sum budget to offer me the best moving option for my move from San Francisco to Portland."
Abby Wilcox
"Moving abroad is difficult and expensive. Shyft made it feel easy, helping me find a reputable and affordable moving company to relocate me to Seattle"
Matthew Jennings
"When you’re moving to work elsewhere on a tight budget and you need to organize everything, having Shyft do everything for you and saving you money down the road is a godsend"
Susan Smith

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