Move Manager

Location: Belgrade, RS


Customer service



Excellent communication skills and be detail and customer service oriented.



• Monitoring and updating the data in our systems

• Load and delivery dates

• Invoice amounts

• Checkmarking stages of the move

• Managing Moves

• Confirming Moves with suppliers

• Conducting introduction calls with EEs

• Communicating with the movers

• Updating customers accordingly

• Checking in on the loading and delivery

• Following up on claims

• Checking and approving invoices after the move

• Monitoring Switchboard for any calls/messages/emails

• Monitoring slack channels

• Mm_sales_comms

• Mm_cubing_comms

• Bgmm

• Movemanagement

• Job_booked


Attending all relevant meetings


• MM daily standup

• Meetings with suppliers

• All Hands

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