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Moving is in our DNA. We’re a family of movers, entrepreneurs and developers devoted to making moving less stressful.

We partner with moving companies and RMCs to help them drive their business outcomes and deliver an exceptional customer experience with best-in-class solutions.

Join our mission to create a moving experience that’s seamless and stress-free.

Job openings.

We hire the best and brightest for our growing team. Check out the jobs posted below and get in touch to apply.

Video Surveyor SRB

Do you want to work in a company where your career can skyrocket?..

Customer Success Representative

Our Customer Success Team is a team made up of proactive, strategic problem ..

Sales Representative

Fuel to our sales machine - blend an upselling revenue-oriented incentive wi..

Video Surveyor US

Travel the world right from your home as a video surveyor at Shyft...

Remote Position
3D Video Estimator US

Help people who are moving all around the world right from your home as a vi..

Remote Position
3D Video Estimator SRB

Are you into gaming and numbers? Do you have a mathematical mind with an ey..

Fill a seat

Our core values.

Our core values are a part of a casual company culture that inspires our employees to work better, wherever they are.



Hack then scale

Determination - Make it happen with grind and hustle.
Curiosity - Stay hungry and keep learning.


Keep growing and stay vulnerable.

Empathy - Consider others feelings, thoughts and attitudes.
Positivity - Be positive because negativity is a buzz kill.


Stay grounded and get things done quickly.

Fearless - Be brave and face challenges with courage.
Perseverance - Change isn’t easy, stay on the course and break through obstacles.


Form deep and genuine connections.

Confidence - Believe in yourself. Own it. You can do it.
Respect - Give respect, get respect. Remember basic kindness.