From a candidate to an employee – Open day in candidates’ shoes

Heavy snowfall, fierce cold and a traffic jam – not a Saturday morning you would hope for, let alone the kind that would make you want to leave your bed. And yet, despite awful weather conditions, more than thirty individuals, myself included, have gathered together at the talent scouting event called Open Day in Belgrade, Serbia hoping to be recruited by Shyft, a hot Silicon Valley startup based in San Francisco, CA.

Serbia’s potential in providing talented, hardworking professionals, caught the eye of this innovative startup, which led to them opening an office in Belgrade two years ago and its fast growth resulted in the Open day event I am about to participate in.

Lights go out and the show begins


I stand there, on an early December morning, irrationally nervous, hands shaking, waiting to see what kind of job interview I got myself into, having no idea what awaits and what I am about to be a part of.

After chatting with other candidates, I am taken by surprise by how talented, educated and smart they all are and how tough the competition is going to be. An incredibly motivational and passionate speech given by Shyft’s executive team somewhat soothes my anxiety. The mood is uplifted and by the time the actual interviewing part begins we are all fired up and determined to get the job.

What’s your superpower?


I’ve soon realized that at Shyft everything comes with a fun twist. Being prepared for an hour of old, boring interview questions, I was positively surprised by the new approach to talent recruiting, which was based on principles of speed dating.

Each of the candidates had 90 seconds to talk to each of the Shyft’s employees and convince them why they are a perfect match for the company. The stage fright can be a burden, but with questions such as,  “What’s your superpower?”, asked by none other than company’s CEO, Alex Alpert, you are bound to relax and just give your best shot.

The second part of the interview consisted of getting to know each other better. After talking to each member of Shyft’s team, what struck me the most was the friendliness and love they shared among each other. A goal many startups thrive for but a few actually achieve. And I was totally entranced, wishing to get the opportunity to be a part of this amazing, fun community and their mission of utilizing technology to transform the way the world moves.

I’m a Shyfter!


As I’m sitting in a splashy red lazy bag, chatting with excitement about team building scheduled for the weekend, the feeling of gratitude overwhelms me. A month has passed and I am proud to say – I am a Shyfter!

I am now a part of this amazing community of hardworking, dedicated people who are inspiring me to work hard and evolve. Thanks to the constant support and effort given by our executive team, I have already learned and grown beyond expectations. 

Shyft’s interviewing process has been one of the most professionally challenging, inspiring and rewarding work experiences I’ve been through. When I came in, there were only 30 applicants at the Open day. A month later, the number of applicants at the second Open day more than doubled, which goes to show the presence this company has in Belgrade.

As the company is steadily growing and the quality of the applicants has been amazing, a waiting list has been created. In the following years, more and more top talent will have a chance to join us on our mission to transform the moving industry.