We’re imagining a world that’s much closer together. A world where it’s easy to move when your next big opportunity calls.


A moving experience that’s seamless and stress-free. Where getting started is as simple as an app download. We’re a team of moving industry and startup vets, and we’re reimagining how the world moves.


Our vision is to create a freedom of mobility global community.


Our mission is to enable global freedom to live and work anywhere.

We’re with the United Nations—we believe that mobility is a human right.

Millions of people move each year. They move to pursue opportunity, start an education, find inspiration, or reunite with loved ones. Whatever your reason, we respect it.

We believe you are more than your move.

Finding a new place to live is only the beginning. We connect people with the things they’ll need to truly feel at home. Your move should be free from fear, worry, or logistical puzzles.

We believe in diverse communities.

When people from different backgrounds come together to create something, magic happens. We’ll promote diversity both in our company, and in the wider world.

We believe technology serves people.

When we build cutting-edge innovations, we never lose sight of the humans we’re serving. We’re committed to designing tech that’s transparent, helpful, and delightful.

We believe the future of work is freer.

Soon, fewer workers will be tied to their desks, digital nomads will be the norm. We’ll enable people to move more freely, no matter how they pursue their dreams.

We’re hiring

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